Alumni Spotlight

Rich Boziwick is President of R. P. Luce & Company, a supplier of reusable shipping containers and cases used in the military, government and broadcast industries. Rich graduated as a BSME in 1973 and initially worked as a Construction Engineer for the M. W. Kellogg Company and was stationed at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Station in Avila Beach, CA. It was in the early 80's that with the nuclear power market dwindling, Rich moved into the family business, R P Luce & Company. The company was founded in 1953 and his father, George (Clarkson '48), became a partner in 1955. Rich started as a Sales Engineer in 1982 and at that time, his family bought out the Luce family. The name was retained due to name recognition over almost 30 years. In 1990, Rich's father went into semi-retirement and Rich was made President and has been in this position ever since. Visit for more information.

Rich has been involved in numerous other activities bellow that have kept him out of trouble:

  • Director of The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run - 1990 to Present
  • Member of the Village of Northport Planning Board - 1991 to Present
  • President of NY Chapter of ERA (Electronics Rep Assoc.) - 1993 to 1995
  • Clarkson University Board of Governors - 1993 to Present
  • Organist / Pianist - St Philip Neri R C Church - 1994 to Present
  • President of the Clarkson Alumni Association - 1996 to 1997
  • Clarkson University Golden Knight Award - 1998
  • Northport Yacht Club Board of Governors - 2003 to Present
  • Chair Village of Northport Planning Board - 2003 to Present
  • Chair of Clarkson University's Parents Association - 2009 to 2010

As Rich's business has grown, he has been able to find very qualified and capable personnel that were not just from Clarkson, but from AXP and happy to indicate that John Szalkai ('95) and Morgan Jones ('10) are members of the R. P. Luce Organization. We thank Rich for his significant efforts and time in helping the fraternity in recent years. Please feel free to drop Rich a note at

Jim Collins (JC) graduated from Clarkson in 1981, majoring in Management. JC was President of AXP during his senior year. JC stayed at Clarkson and obtained his MBA in 1982. He then moved to Houston after graduating and worked for ADP selling payroll services for 1-1/2 years then went to work for Kodak. Kodak transferred Jim to Chicago in 1985 and this has been his home ever since. Jim Started his own imaging company, Datamation in 1995, performing scanning services and being a certified Kodak scanner reseller. 

Datamation provides systems and services to enable customers to have a "paperless office" and access all their paper files, computer reports, and other critical corporate data through an in-house system or via a private web site. Datamation Imaging is now the largest Kodak reseller in the United States and employs 50 employees and growing. The URL for Datamation is

Jim and his wife Chris have an 11 year old daughter, Barbara who keeps them very happy & busy! JC is also an avid golfer and loves to play as much as possible when he has spare time.  He continues to be an avid Buffalo Bills fan. In 1993, he ran the Chicago marathon and continues to run today as much as his time & body permit! He is active in his church where he runs a middle school youth group and is currently coaching his daughters volleyball team.

Many thanks to JC for his efforts on helping the Zeta Phi over the years. Jim has also been extremely generous and made several financial donations totally nearly $30,000! These donations have allowed for the replacement of all of the old wooden windows in the Chapter House that were rotting with new vinyl clad, energy efficient windows, along with other needed renovations in other areas of the Chapter House. Please feel free to contact JC at if you would like to exchange correspondences.

Mark Surette graduated from Clarkson in 2008, with a double major in Civil and Environmental Engineer. Mark pledged AXP in 2005 and first took on the role of Treasurer, followed by Risk Management Chairman. During his Senior Year, Mark was very active as he was elected President of the Chapter and was also the Vice President for the Interfraternity Council (IFC).

During the past two years, Mark has worked for the consulting firm Ecology and Environment, Inc. as a Project Engineer / Consultant for the United States EPA on the Hudson River PCB Superfund Site. This project is one of the largest sediment remediation projects in the country and Mark works daily with the EPA to oversee and assist in the design of the remediation project.

Mark also enjoys traveling and while at Clarkson, Mark studied abroad in Newcastle, Australia for 6 months during his Junior Year (something he highly recommends for others to experience). While in Australia, Mark also traveled to New Zealand and recently went back there last winter with his brother. Mark has continued to stay active with the fraternity and joined the Alumni Association / Building Corporation after he graduated and was elected as a Director. Mark currently serves as the Vice President for the Zeta Phi Building Corporation. Mark can be reached at and would be pleased to hear from you.

Maurice (Morey) Petrone was a member of the first pledge class after the fraternity became a Chapter of the National Fraternity of AXP. Since there were only 12 members returning in the Fall of 1956 and 33 recent pledges, pledges played a major part in running the Fraternity. Morey moved into the house as a pledge and was House Manager and on the Executive Board for three years. The Chapter at that time had little monies and therefore had to become very innovative in handling all of the Chapter's expenses. Morey recalls that all of the bills were always paid and paid on time. The Chapter voted to send Doug Farry and Morey as representatives to the National Convention in Iowa during the summer after their Sophomore Years.

Morey graduated Clarkson in 1960 and at that time, was the youngest person to be elected to the AXP National Council.  Morey was also elected as the first President of the Zeta Phi Building Corporation. Morey served for approximately five years during which time, the chapter prospered and was financially sound. Morey started an annual reunion for Zeta Phi members that graduated between the years of 1955 and 1962. The reunions are hosted by one of the members from this group and have been held in different regions around the country for over 15 consecutive years!

Morey is retired from a Division of Litton where he worked in College Park, MD as Director of Communications Systems. Morey's group of Program and Business Development Managers, along with Hardware and Software Engineers were responsible for obtaining new business, designing, manufacturing and servicing the various communications systems. Many thanks to Morey for all his efforts over the years and please feel free to contact Morey at if you would like to get back in touch with him.  Morey is pictured with his wife Kay on the left and their daughter Linda in the middle.

Robert (Mitch) Menchel has a unique story that many people likely may not know about or understand what he has achieved during his lifetime. Because of Mitch's deafness, it was very doubtful that he would ever reach the level where he is today, much less even think about attending college. Mitch became deaf around the age of six and was caused by spinal meningitis which spread from an Army base near his hometown in Albany, NY. Mitch believes he was one of the lucky ones as he only lost his hearing and not his life.  However, becoming deaf impacted his life and contributed to the person that he is today.

After becoming deaf, Mitch moved from one school for the deaf to another until he finally landed up in NYC at PS 47, which was an oral school in Manhattan. Mitch was placed in a classroom with visual impaired students and the teacher was told to just keep watch over me or to put it in another word "Baby Sit Me". The high school counselor told his parents that he would never go to college and it would be better for him if he learned a trade. Since his mother was a strong willed woman, this suggested route was not acceptable to her and Mitch too was not very responsive to the idea. However, because of his deafness the high school counselor would not allow him to take any of the college preparation courses. Mitch was banned from physics and chemistry because they thought that these would be too dangerous for him and a burden on the teacher to try to teach him. He was admitted to Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in Troy NY in 1953 and was in the first graduating class of this institute.

Looking for work and not finding anything open to him, again partly due to his deafness, Mitch decided to go on and get a BS in Mechanical Engineering. After applying to several engineering colleges, among them RPI, Cornell, Colgate, MIT, and others, he found the doors closed to him. Well it did not look very good and he was about to give up when he decided to apply to Clarkson College. They had him come up for an interview and told Mitch that they would give him a chance if he could make up the missing courses that he needed for admission.    

After completing his degree, Mitch thought that getting a job would be easy. 1961 was a high year of employment for anyone with an engineering or scientific degree. Having a BS in Physics he thought that there would be plenty of jobs for me, "How wrong I was". After 62 interviews, he sensed that the recruiters just could not accept the fact that they were interviewing a deaf physicist and could not see how he could work for their organization. Mitch was able to start his career after a friend helped him get a job with the US Air Force Bedford Research Center. In 1990, Mitch's first wife, Wendy, died from cancer and he decided to return to college for his doctorate. Mitch was accepted at Harvard Graduate School of Education and completed his degree in 1995, setting another first as being the first deaf person to receive an Ed. D. from HUGSE.    

Looking back, Mitch sees that HVCC gave him the start and opened the door for him to get into Clarkson.  Mitch also believes that his being accepted into AXP has lead to many lasting friendships which still exist today. "AXP has been a part of his life since 1956 and will continue to be a part always. Many strong friendships were founded then and the fact that these brothers accepted me as just another person and did not seem to be bothered by my deafness was important to me." Among his closet friends today, friends that he made in AXP are Morey Petrone, Bruce Springfield, Steve Goldwater, Allan Darke, Dick Carpenter, Chris Davies, and many others and he continues to see often. Mitch's story is an inspiring one and there is much more to this story that we will post in the near future. Congratulations for all that you have done and accomplished Mitch and glad that you are a member of AXP!!

Jim Dreyfuss (JD) graduated in 1979 with a degree in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. While he enjoyed his entire educational experience at Clarkson, some of his fondest memories are that of being a member of AXP. Jim also served as a Student Senator during his Junior and Senior Years. Upon graduation, Jim worked for Olin Chemical for over 10 years and worked at four of their operations, having managerial responsibilities in several areas including engineering, manufacturing and maintenance. Jim was involved in implementing many software systems (SAP, etc.) while at Olin and decided to get into the software industry and has held positions ranging from Major Accounts Sales Manager to VP Sales & Marketing. Jim currently works for TotalMobile where they help optimize the way companies and organizations conduct business by providing packaged mobile solutions that deliver field worker efficiencies, business process improvements, increased compliance and compelling savings. 

Jim pledged Fall of 1976 and was a member of the first pledge class joining AXP after the new Chapter House was rebuilt from the fire (12/20/75) that took down the old structure. Jim was Rush Chairman his senior year and pleased to say he was involved in rushing one of the largest pledge classes the fraternity ever had (graduates of '81). Jim was also the Chairman of the Ice Sculpture for Ice Carnival and while he cannot prove it, would guess the "Coney Island" roller coaster that AXP built for the 1979 Ice Carnival was the largest Ice Sculpture ever built in Potsdam (25' tall, 360ยบ loop, and drove your car underneath the portion that crossed the driveway!). JD was also proud that his senior year, the chapter had the highest GPA of any fraternity, won Ice Carnival and first to win AXP's Chapter of the Year.

Jim has been active with the Alumni Association ever since he graduated and been on the Building Corporation Board for nearly 15 years. Jim helped to raise funds when the roof needing replacing several years ago, he has rewritten the by-laws, with significant changes in how fees are obtained to improve the financial viability of the Chapter. He also worked on several renovation projects and scoped out and managed the installation of the new windows and specified the layout, materials and refurbishment of the new kitchen. Jim has also been responsible for the Chapter's new Web site.     

Jim and his wife Beata have three boys and Jim is very active in a number of activities besides AXP, including coaching recreational sports in his town, Committee Chairman for the town's Boy Scout Troop 266 and also participated on ABC's Extreme Makeover when they were in New Hampshire. And lastly and speaking of largest again, Jim is an extremely avid fan for the best football team ever, the one with the largest number of Super Bowl Trophies, the incredible Pittsburgh Steelers (JD's home town)! Feel free to contact Jim if you would like to touch base with him or join the Steelers Fan Club :>)