60 in '16

The Zeta Phi Chapter of AXP was founded on February 18, 1956 and we celebrated the Chapter's 60th Anniversary during Alumni Weekend at Clarkson last Summer.

Brick Walkway Fundraiser

The Chapter House, now 40 years old, requires significant maintenance, but is also in need of more extensive renovation to keep pace with the standards of student housing in 2016.  

The current undergrads are motivated to create a strong brotherhood, and believe that having an off campus house is a significant differentiator for AXP.  But we have to actively work to create an attractive living space that rivals the many options that students have these days.

The Building Corp has developed a master plan to target specific areas of need, and we hope that we can count on our alumni to help make the Chapter House as strong as ever.  To that end, we are holding a brick walkway fundraiser.  The front walkway, in desperate need of repair itself, will be replaced with new bricks that are custom engraved.  We are asking each alumni to purchase one or more bricks which will be engraved as a symbol of your contribution to the lasting legacy of the Zeta Phi chapter and our Chapter House.  We have made significant progress already, but have a long way to go to meet our goal.

During the 60th anniversary celebration, we will have a walkway dedication ceremony, and we hope that you will be there to join us.  Since the walkway will be installed this spring, it is important to purchase your bricks as soon as possible.  To make your donation, please visit our brick walkway fundraiser page.